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Ivory Homes is a Firm which specializes in REAL ESTATE, We provide all building services such as; Property Management, Rent Collection Services, Buying & Selling Property, Property Maintenance & Repairs, Renting / Leasing Property,

We are capable of handling both small and large scale sized building services projects. Our offices are situate along Nkrumah road, opposite Fort Jesus, in Mombasa and in Malindi we have offices on Prison Road, Ivory Homes Building.

Ivory Homes have solid Management and building services teams who have the necessary education qualifications and the experience through and through.

Ivory Homes since its inception it has been expanding at a unprecedented accelerated pace which has allowed us to take advantage of economies of scale and professional business practice to make us cost efficient that has allowed us to provide our clients the full benefit of their money’s worth, that not only saved our esteemed clients time and money, but also allowed them to enjoy excellent bargains and offers.

Ivory Homes has been awarded several projects of refurbishing well known buildings in the town centre of Mombasa, where we have been able to use our advantage in reducing cost effectively and providing the best quality of work required with the help of our highly experienced and dedicated work force.
We offer a wide range of Professional Services in the Property Consulting Market.

At IVORY HOMES SERVICES, We have the skills and expertise to come in and deal with your needs and requirements. We have a remarkable and an outstanding Professional team to handle all the affairs.

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Malindi Branch

Ruby Plaza,
Ground Floor.

Phone: (+254) 728836783

Mombasa Branch

Ground Floor
Sauti Ya Kenya Road
Opposite DT Dobie.   
P.O. Box 80722 - 80100, Mombasa.

Phone: (+254) 041 2319466
Fax: (+254) 041 2319466